Router Cut Art Files

Additional Guidelines For Submitting Router Cut Art Files

  • Requires Illustrator program format (with placed/linked Photoshop images if applicable).
  • Create vector dieline & place on a separate layer with .25 pt thickness.
  • Simplify dielines for smoothness & to avoid time delays & additional costs.
  • Art must bleed 1/8″ minimum beyond dieline.
  • For 2 sided prints with cut, provide art for both sides if different due to mirrored text, etc.
  • If creating router cut sheet, please note the following:
  • Place three 1/4″ black dots in any three corners – no exact placement is required. (Registers art to dieline.)
  • A template for this is available upon request.
  • Create router sheet for side one only. Repros will lay out side two if required for order.
  • Dielines for foam board, cardstock, or styrene can be 1/4″ apart (allows 1/8″ bleeds).
  • Dielines for PVC-Sintra, MaxMetal or Plexi require 3/4″ between each individual dieline/cut.

If your files are larger than 96″x96″ please read the additional guidelines before submitting.